Vladimir Mulyar - designer-artist

The member of Union of the artists of Russian Federation, Member of International association of the artists of UNESCO.

On education he the technologist of electronic instruments. But the art beginning inherent to him has taken top and hobby has become a profession. More than thirty years is engaged in creation of unique highly artistic products from mountain crystal - quartz, on operation with which the author's certificate is authorized.

His production is patented and has a trade mark "МУВИ".

He is the author - creator of prizes for Union of the theatrical figures «Crystal Turandot» (1991-1997), Festival Soldier's songs «Victoria», Championship of Europe on ball dances among the professionals, Festival variety songs in Yalta. The participant of many Russian and international art exhibitions. Under the totals of an exhibition «Gold hands of the masters» (1998) in the Central House of the Artists (Moscow) is awarded Grand Prize. The winner of international exhibitions «Porcelain. Ceramics. Glass ' 99» and «The World of a Glass ' 99» (Expocentre). «Porcelain. Ceramics. Glass ' 2000». The owner of the diploma of an international exhibition «A Surprise 2000». The participant of the Russian expositions at the Brussels international exhibition «EXPO - 2000» and «Export possibilities of Russia» in Istanbul. The winner of Exhibition Center of Russia for 2000.

The technology of manufacture of compositions from mountain crystal is unique!
It is considered, that the mountain crystal transfers maximum energy of space to the man. Therefore people try to have in the dwelling of a product from mountain crystal.

The unique products of Vladimir Mulyar bring in harmony to our life thanking not only wonderful properties of this material, but also high art value of products.

Vladimir Mulyar one of the several masters all over the world, which own this art. It the masterpieces are created from the present mountain crystal at temperature of 1700-2000 degrees. The material hardens within 1-2 seconds, and the work, of art - fragile and eternal, as time is born in this moment. Ecologically clean material (cleanness 99,9 % SiO2) does not lose the properties with current of time, and these perfect masterpieces will was eternally admire mankind with the beauty and grace.

г. Москва
тел/факс:  8-499-165-09-39



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